The 25 thickest sweaters you will want to wear all season


We’ve all had those mornings when all you want is to wrap your body in a blanket and go through the day without thinking about what to wear. The 25 thickest sweaters you will want to wear all season. While some recent runway visions may channel that energy, wearing a blanket during a morning trip is not exactly a pragmatic choice. Come in: the big sweater. Thick knits are big enough to match leggings and actually look like you’ve put together a stylish cut, cozy enough to feel like you’re wearing your softest blanket, and flexible enough to dress up or down. depending on where you are during the day (or night)) takes you.

These spacious cuts are coming endless shapes, styles, and colors, and most importantly, keep you warm with minimal (read: no) effort. In addition, they are ideal for layering, which makes them easy to take off when things start to look too like a sauna. Whether you’re looking for a vest to curl up and watch Real love for the tenth (hm … twentieth) time, a knitted sweater to throw to rush to the store, or a longer style to pair with tights and boots for a fragile (but still warm) night in the city, we covered you.

Tired of the struggle that prepares the perfect cozy but cool winter outfit? Scroll down to shop for 25 of the best tight-knit sweaters you’ll want to wear all season. here are the 25 thickest sweaters you will want to wear all season

The best complete thick sweaters for women

Pact Knitted sweater Crew with honeycomb – $ 100.00

Creating this sweater from organic cotton uses 91 percent less water than a regular cotton sweater. Dark gray makes the style cool enough to wear around the world, but still channels total hygge vibrations.

Cloud cardigan with hand-knit from woolen leather – $ 736.00

This sweater redefines “oversize”. The large button fastening means that you can wear it open or closed, which makes it easy to layer, and the large fit means that it can even be used as a coat on warmer autumn days.

SNDYS Carrie Cable Knit Pullover – $ 93.00

You should love tight knitting that can be machine washed. This easy-to-maintain sweater is thick enough to keep you warm and easy to wrap so you can keep it with you when you need an extra layer on hand.

Sweater Sanctuary Fluff It Up Forged plum – $ 79.00

This purple number is great for adding color to your neutral fall and winter wardrobe, especially when the days are gray. The lashes make it look – and feel – blurry, channeling the overall vibrations of the early 2000s.

Gypsy sweater Kerisma – $ 98.00

Pick up your sweater wardrobe with this uniquely bright sweater. The edge sleeves add an extra level of shine, which will make this sweater stand out from the zillion other sweaters that are already in your collection.

Frame Fair Isle Crewneck Pullover – $ 428.00

This vintage-style sweater is great after skiing energy with its fun pattern. The alpaca wool is luxuriously soft, but also incredibly warm for those days on the slopes (and in the hut).

Missguided Red Chunky Knit Hoodie – $ 56.00

You love a hood, but you want it to be stylish enough to sport to brunch? This sweater combination has covered you. Bright red is perfect for adding color to your wardrobe, and the front kangaroo pocket will keep your hands warm.

Sweater with a thick wool blend by Vince Funnel – $ 267.00

This running option is just long enough that you can pair it with tights and wear it as a sweater dress. The neck of the funnel has the ideal height, which makes it almost ridiculous, but not too tight, and the yarn is as cozy as it is cozy.

Large striped sweater with scarf collar – $ 375.00

Do you dream of being in a hut in the woods by a fireplace with a hot little one? This sweater feels exactly like that. The wide fit makes it feel like a blanket, while the stripes and buttons elevate the look.

Lattelier open collar sweater – $ 138.00

Designed for a transitional time, this ribbed sweater is thick and warm and has a beautiful collar that makes it ideal to wear alone or on a turtleneck.

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